The main scope of activity of PTC to BMF PORT BURGAC includes initial professional qualification, retraining and qualification of the employees.

I. For initial professional qualification:

1. Operators of portal cranes, mobile cranes, tower cranes, bridge cranes and gantry cranes;

2. Operators of mobile work platforms (motor hoists and Cherry picker);

3. Forklift operators– primary and refresher training courses;

4. Front loader operators, etc.;

5. Machine fitters, motor mechanics, turners, metal workers;

6.  Stevedoring;

II. For improvement of qualification:

1. Operators and drivers of all types of port loaders for higher carrying capacity;

2. Operators of cranes without restriction of lifting capacity;

III. For requalification:

1. Safety training for riggers primary and refresher training courses;

IV. Special trainings:

1. Occupational health and safety – primary and refresher training courses;

2. Safe operation of high-risk equipment (HRE) – primary and refresher training courses;

3. Acquired legal capacity updating

V. Issuance of duplicate:

1. For job category (class)

2. For professional legal capacity

All documents issued by the Professional Training Center comply with the provisions of the Public Education Act.

The training center works with highly qualified lecturers who are highly qualified professionals with extensive practical and educational experience. The Professional Training Center at BMF Port Burgas EAD has own training facilities including wee-equipped training rooms, workshops and any type of machinery required for the professional training courses.

The Professional Training Center at BMF Port Burgas EAD obtained License No. 2013121084, pursuant to Art. 42, item 2 of the Professional Education and Training Act and Ordinance No. 708/27.09.2013 of the Chairman of National Agency for Professional Education and Training.



Phone: +359 56 858 282